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The drawings: one of my memory of the Derby's exterior wrapped around the North East corner of Yonge and Dundas in Toronto, and the mostly red geometrical drawing of the Derby's interior were drawn with the Paint program. I drew these images because when I first wrote the Derby page I could not find a photo of the Derby Online; there are now old photos of the club in the old days, but I'm almost glad that I couldn't find them because I wouldn't have bothered trying to draw it from memory if I had. And because I sincerely believe that my drawing of the club's exterior though technically inaccurate is more representative of the living image that I had unconsciously stored in my memory than are those old photos. The reddish geometrical attempt at recalling the club's interior was I think more difficult than the drawing of the exterior.

The interior drawing faces the stage and just over the stage is the ladies with escorts side: the rather large greyish wall represents what I recall were large mirrored panes of glass over an upholstered bench that extended the length of the north side of the club; the mirrors reflected the stage and the performers for the enjoyment of the men seated on bar stools facing the stage on the men's side, and especially for anyone sitting at tables on the ladies side whose chair forced their back to the stage.

The bar/men's side is the vantage point from which this interior picture is drawn. In the bottom right corner are angled brown-red lines representing booths like old restaurant seating. To the left are greyish elongated geometrical shapes representing the glass entrance doors on the corner of Yonge and Dundas. But in reality there were fewer than the 6 contrived to complete this picture.

As mentioned on the previous page, the stage is between the ladies' with escorts' lounge and the men's bar side. A space separates the bar from the stage along which the bar tenders served the men seated on bar stools. The entertainers mounted to the stage on a few wooden steps on the ladies' side under the stage. To the right on the stage is drawn an undersized circle representing a bass drum where the drumset was placed. On the opposite side, to the left, is an image of an upright piano, and at centre stage is a depiction of a microphone.

The Brown Derby also had a lounge at the basement level. I recall it because I believe that when bars had to shut down at 11 pm. we used to haul our instruments downstairs where I assume food was likely served in order to comply with the law that allowed alcoholic beverages to be served after 11 only with food. Although I can't recall the scheduling of the basement lounge activities, I do recall a time when it too presented acts, acts different from the performances on the main floor. One of those acts was a singer with a fine voice and the name Lorenzo. On the floor above the street level's main lounge was the owner's, Mr. Arnold's tastefully decorated office. back to The Brown Derby

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