Ray Hutchinson

I think that the performer with a cane who played the Grange alluded to some years ago in a search that appeared in the stats for Toronto's Secret is Ray Hutchinson. Regardless of his name or his group's name, I used to see the entertainer with a cane at Le C'oq d'Or a few doors up from the Brown Derby whenever The Hawks went on the road, maybe to the Grange. Both the Hawks and the entertainer with the cane were on the Hamilton booking agent's Harold Cudlitzt's circuit which included both The Grange and Le C'oq d'Or. Since I guessed that Ray Hutchinson (of Peterborough:wonder if Hawkins knows of him; they both live there and both played Le C'oq d'Or?) might have been the entertainer seen at the Grange with a cane, and whom I saw intermittently at Le C'oq d'Or, I recalled the name of the Beau-Marks, a name familiar to me back in the early 60's, but a group I did not mention in Toronto's Secret, probably because I did not see them enough or get to meet them personally. It seemed that they were always on the road and came into town once in a while to perform at Le C'oq d'Or. Apparently they originated in Montreal as The Del Tones. And that too might have been why they did not seem to be associated with those Yonge Street Rock and Roll Stories. I wonder if Jan Haus was aware of the Beau-Marks?And I just noticed that the site the Beau-Mark link is connected to belongs to Russ Strathdee, a saxophone player I've known since the Consuls days but can't recall actually working with.

Today is September 16, 2016 and I came accross an article about The Crew Cuts comprising Roger Vekman's "We Three" performing old "Crew Cuts hits under the direction of Rudy Valentine,lead singer of the original Crew Cuts when we performed at Diamond Jim's in Hamilton Ontario. I hadn't noticed until today that the old newspaper article from the Hamilton Spectator about the Crew Cuts was attached to one about Ray Hutchinson and Dave Nichols and the Coins at the Grange. What's interesting is that it complicates my statement about Ray and the Beau-Marks. Seeing Ray and the Coins though should not be surprising at least because Dave Nichols and the Coins is a group name that I am more than familiar with.Maybe I used to see Ray with both groups.