Kelly Jay and The Jamies

McEachran guitar, De Remigis drums, Kirkwood bass, Kelly piano image of Kelly and Jamies

A Post Card from Kelly to "Pete the Bear"

The Jamies was a fluid group; this version with McEachran on guitar and Kirkwood on bass was followed by John Till on guitar and Chuck Daniels and Bruce Staubitz sometimes on bass; you can see by Kelly's postcard that though we sometimes took up with different groups we seemed to keep in touch and ready to perform as Jamies.(*)

(*)For a long time: at least since I'd begun "Toronto's Secret", I overlooked the fact that our name "Kelly Jay and the Ja[y]mies" may have originated with the 1958 recorders of "Summertime","The Jamies" named after the surname "Jameson" and perhaps not a poetic derivation from Kelly Jay's stage surname "Jay".

Peter De Remigis