Toronto's Secret

What possessed me to play drums?

The Beat

Cozy Eggleston's Big Heavy, Here's an example of the sharply driven second and fourth beat of the four-four bar that I used to hear every evening on the The Houndog radio show.

Tinder Musical Influences

Tinder II Elvis & Willie

The Spark Willie's idea

Bill Doggett's Honky Tonk

Embers A chance to play

The Consuls are born December 1957.

The Consuls establish their repertoire.

The Suedes

Robbie, John, Scott & Peter of The Suedes witness the creation of "Someone Like You" & "Hey Bob a Loo".

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Dramatic Readings

Philip Sidney sonnet 47

Horace satires: #6, ll. 55-100; book1

The Porter,Shakespeare's Macbeth

Barabas, Marlowe's The Jew of Malta, Act1

Barabas, Marlowe's The Jew of Malta, Act 2

Shylock, Shakespeares's Merchant of Venice

Ethiopian Story/Romance, Heliodorus Part 1

Ethiopian Story/Romance, Part 2

Ethiopian Story/Romance, Part 3

Richard III's opening monologue, Shakespeare's Richard III,

Clarence, Shakespeare's Richard III



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