Here walks the sun
Where yellow paths
Paper the world
Like tissue on a birthday box

March 8, 2018

Can you paint it?

I walked back from the train
Along the lake without sun to warm
Waves raging under leafless trees
Desolate in monochrome
But for that red patch approaching at a distance
Down a path winding closer to the lake than I'd ever noticed when leaves were there.
He waved as he passed.
Surprised I waved back;
And looked up to see one more shape in the distance..

December 14-15,2017

Then - Now

Summer lit trees
Fanned dusty paths.
Winter bright waters glare
Off icy steps.
And those geese out there
That used to perambulate pompously in summer’s fields and promontories
Now meet to bask upon the deep. -


My pockets jingle with change, silver dollars
And gold amulets.
My fingers glisten with diamonds
And delicious amethysts.
My home is a private store
For precious artifacts: paintings and more: -

In short, I possess all that's prized
For its potential invisibility:
Its infinite perfectibility
As currency.

Ana Kronos

On the subway sat a lady
Ancient as the hat she wore
Though old she was
That hat and her
Seemed more than just anachronous
For they appeared the hub round which the very latest fashions bloomed
Like jaded flowers languid in the neon gloom.

A Moment

Weaving a web of intricate design
Over air
A spider frames space;
Under shadows, a cat stalks his prey.

Watching the night
We wait
Soon the sky will speak.
A cricket chirps and the silence sings;
Near the moon a moth flicks its wings

As gauze of Selena drifts over earth
Smiling Phoebus reclines on his well-wrought bed

Watching the night We wait Soon the sky will speak.

A Year

It was about this time last year
that you threaded the yellow-green banana peppers

and strung them across the wooden spice cabinet
over the old gas stove.
As the weather grew colder

we watched them wither
one by one,

turn orange-yellow
and finally a crisp Chinese red.
You picked the last two in January

When it seemed they might rot
had you left them hanging any longer.
To-day, as August runs its course
and that time returns through the first scent of fall,
the pepperless cabinet rekindles our year's

Time and Sunlight

From a-top the lake's old hill
The view to the sky
Blue draped
In the sunlight.

In the courtyard of Chinese tombs
An antique dial
Casts a shadow about 2;
And through its angular perfection
On stone
Time slips.

Beneath apple smells
Amidst conversation
Timed to a restless horse rhythm
And the longing to be home
One is consoled by the sun.


You say
My hair looks better grey
Tones down my swarthiness
You say
Making me appear less severe.
I suppose I should be pleased
with the compliment;
I do wish I'd looked better
The other way,
So I'd not feel I should be pleased
With turning grey..

A Shower

From just above College,
The city stands jagged
Against the robin-egg sky.
Air washed clean,
And smelling fresh as laundry-on-a-line,
Arrives newborn,
And cradled by the sun.


The news is always scary like the partial eclipsing of the sun everyone's been urged to prepare for,
the darkness soon to be upon us,
the darkness that porch lights ward off at night under street lamps,
like people dying daily, some we've heard of, others we're told were important.

Beauty like Jupiter sitting above the crescent moon against the blue early morning sky is too exhilarating to be news worthy.


I know my manner
Of not denying my inclination
To behave like me
Moves you to conclude
I lack sympathy for your needs.
Despite my disapproval,
That under your auspices
My metamorphosis would set us free
Don’t take the rigour of my objections
For more
Than a sign of my determination To resist what e’r might Turn me against me.


I’m reluctant to tell you what I think
For what I think may tell you what I think of me;
So I say what comes to me
So that subjectivity
May not bind me to the mirror.

The Cave

I came upon a cave,
An opening in a wall
And saw men seated watching
Shadows on a wall.
Shadows of varied shape
To a soft-sounding bell,
Flowed with a dark mysterious grace
Reflecting things eternal.


looking for time,
We find him nowhere -
Watching clocks, nor near the sun's way

We subdivide his tickings
Till he's scarcely more than air;
He who gives dimension meaning
And counting to his tether
Makes infinity his contrary.

Space of Time

Ahead the crowd steps to the sky;
Looking from side to side,
Future's to past as left's t' right.
Forward, times a line with past behind.

Where the toe tips back
Time forgets t' trace a now.
Like a diver gulping air
Perception wavers
Twixt what was 'n' what’s t'be.

August 17,2014

They're nailing a roof on the house across the road
Near the tracks by the water's edge
Under wind-winding gulls
That climb at clouds just as playfully as comets
Off to the fathomless deep.

And on top of old St. Thomas church
Over there from Hart House
Miles west at the heart of the city
From that house that watches clouds, waves and wind-winding gulls
At the far east edge of the city.


Sun Squinting across rooftops
Makes leaves silhouettes
On the dusky sky.

I take the rocket undertown
And fly through the night on a lightbeam
Till sun and sky set leaves a-dancing
In yellow-red
Wondrous godlight

A Visit

With her little rope
She jumps,
Disappointed to find
We've not stepped outside
To solicit
Her enchanting visit.

Little lady
Like the moon
Changing round
Dancing as the seasons
Full of light and dark
And laughing at the sun.

Things You See

By the tracks
Bouncing in the trees
A pillow like balloon in purple skin
Dances on the wind,
Straining on a string tethered to a tree
Set free to the south from the north some where
Near the train by the track.

From where do ye come tiny cushion of air
Whose hands made thee fly through the sky
To be caught by a tree
By the train on the track heading east?

"Mama's Pizza"

I see a Mama's Pizza sign up ahead .
And I wonder who the real mama is
And what kinda pizza she'd make?

And there's a picture of mama
Right there up on the sign
Kinda 50's hair,
Sorta broad slightly smilin' face,
Class of Ernest Borgnine maybe.

But I can't stop thinkin'
What kinda pizza mama'd make
Would it be like the first pizza I ever ate
About an inch thick with just some tomato on top?

Does mama make that kinda pizza?
And if she does would they still be sellin' it in Mama's pizza store?(10. a.m. September 6, 2012)

"Mama's Pizza", Spoken